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Welcome to the 13th Edition of Nullcon Goa

CFP opened on 31st March 2022

CFP closes on 05th June 2022

Note: Please read the below content before submitting even if you are a seasoned speaker.

Nullcon is an annual security conference held in Goa, India. The focus of the conference is to showcase the next generation of offensive and defensive security technology. We happily open doors to researchers and hackers around the world and the universe, working on the next big thing in security and request everyone to submit their new research.

If you love security, hacking, cutting edge research, Goa, trance, then the universe will conspire to send you to nullcon :) No, seriously it's a lot of learning and fun! Time to tickle your gray cells and submit your research.


  • Submit early -
    Submitting early increases the chance of acceptance in the first round of review itself. The more you delay the more competition you have with other papers that are submitted later.
  • Technical description -
    The more concrete technical details you provide the better chance you have of getting accepted. Reviewers usually give a low score to submissions that have very small or vague abstracts and may not request more details. The best way is to provide a supporting full technical paper that explains all the vulnerabilities, exploits, etc in detail.
  • Declining a paper -
    Please take rejection as a suggestion for improvement somewhere in the paper and not as an offense. Declining a paper does not mean your submission is not good. There are many parameters we look at when reviewing a paper, technical in-depth is only one of them. Many times, we have to let go of really good talks because there is already an accepted paper on a similar subject or too many good submissions or your submission is already presented/published elsewhere. We want you to succeed and are only trying to help you in preparing you for future submissions. So, cheer up and get ready for the next submission.
  • Review comments -
    We do not ask our review board for comments.
  • Category -
    If the submission is (being) presented prior nullcon or if it is an enhancement of an already presented research, please DO NOT mark it as new research as it falls under current research.
  • New research -
    At nullcon we focus on new research that has not been published/presented prior to nullcon conference dates. New research submissions get priority over current research. If your submission is a rework/enhancement or your existing research or similar presentation to what is already delivered/published elsewhere, it will get less scoring when compared to new research.


We are interested in new and cutting edge security work that has previously not been published. Anything that aligns with our motto "The next security thing!" is welcome. Some security topics for your reference including (but not limited to)

  • IoT
  • Web
  • SDN
  • Radio
  • Cloud
  • Mobile
  • Telecom
  • Satellites
  • Networks
  • Forensics
  • Hardware
  • Cryptography
  • Smart Cities


We have an external review panel that scores the papers and based on the scoring and our internal decision, we take a call on acceptance of papers.


  • CFP Opens: 31st March 2022
  • CFP Closing Date: 5th June 2022
  • Final Speaker Announcement: 20th June 2022
  • Training Dates: 6th - 8th September 2022
  • Conference Dates: 9th - 10th September 2022


For the New Research and Desi Jugaad Category:

  • Travel Reimbursement (Either actuals or the below-mentioned amounts, whichever is less)
    • International Speaker (USD 1000)
    • National Speaker (INR 6000)
  • Complimentary Accommodation for 3 Nights.
  • Complimentary Corporate Conference Pass.
  • Invitation to Speaker Gathering along with Drinks.
  • Invitation to Nullcon Networking Dinner Party.

For Other Categories (Current Research, Workshop, Village, CTF, Open-Source Tool):

  • Complimentary shared Accommodation near or at the Venue for 3 Nights.
  • Complimentary Corporate Conference Pass.
  • Invitation to Speaker Gathering along with Drinks.
  • Invitation to Nullcon Networking Dinner Party.


  • Only one speaker will be eligible for the benefits in case there are two or more speakers for a talk.
  • By submitting a paper and agreeing to talk at nullcon, you give Payatu Technologies Pvt. Ltd. the right to post, publish, re-distribute online and offline, soft, and/or hard copies of your presentation material including slides, source code, detailed paper, and the recorded video of the presentation and you.
  • All proposals must be submitted through the CFP form, proposals submitted through any other way will not be considered for CFP review.
  • The talk submitted for a specific event will only be considered for that event only.


If you have any queries, feel free to get in touch with us at [email protected]
For sponsorship/registration queries, please get in touch with us at [email protected]
All our recent updates will also be announced on our Twitter handler @nullcon – this is the easiest and shortest way to know us.

Nullcon Goa 2022 CFP

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