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*All timings mentioned are in IST

Date & Time Hotel Name Training Name
3 Day Training ( 6th - 8th Sept 2022 )
9:00am to 5:00pm
Grand Hyatt, Goa Breaking and Pwning Apps and Servers on AWS and Google Cloud – Post Pandemic Edition by Riyaz Walikar & Rohit Jadav
DevSecOps – Automating Security in DevOps by Jovin Lobo
Advanced Infrastructure Security Assessment by Omair & Prashant Mahajan
StealthOps : Red Team Tradecraft Targeting Enterprise Security Controls by Manish Gupta & Yash Bharadwaj
Hacking and Securing Kubernetes Clusters by Madhu Akula
HackFi - hacking smart contracts by Chaitanya RK
ML for Security and Security for ML by Nikhil Joshi
Securing Android Applications by Ankur Bhargava
Efficient malware analysis: comprehensive approach by Alexey Kleymenov
Vivanta By Taj, Panjim Rapid Threat Model Prototyping (RTMP)... threat modeling optimized for Agile (finally)! by Geoffrey Hill
Beyond the Web Application Hacker's Handbook by Marcus Pinto
Web- & Browser-Security Roundhouse-Kick by Dr.-Ing. Mario Heiderich
Chances Resort and Casino Practical IoT Hacking by Hariprasad K V, Kartheek Lade, Shakir Zari & Appar Thusoo
Hacking Modern Web & Desktop apps: Master the Future of Attack Vectors by Abraham Aranguren & Anirudh Anand
Windows Kernel Exploitation Foundation & Advanced by Ashfaq Ansari

As we are having 3 venues for the Nullcon Training, We will be providing a free shuttle service on training days for training attendees, whoever needs it. Details are below.

Training Dates: 6 - 8 Sep 2022
Morning 8.00 am from Grand Hyatt > Chances Resort > Vivanta By Taj.
Evening 6.00 pm from Vivanta By Taj > Chances Resort > Grand Hyatt

*All timings mentioned are in IST

9th September 2022
8:00 9:15 Registration
9:15 9:30 Opening Note
9:30 10:15 [KEYNOTE] Do we get stuff done? We don’t get stuff done? Or do we? Or will we, maybe? Soon? by Dr.-Ing. Mario Heiderich
10:15 11:00 A Kernel Hacker Meets Fuchsia OS by Alexander Popov
13:00 14:00 Coffee Break
11:15 12:00 Hack The Bridge by Anto Joseph A UEFI firmware bootkt in the wild by Ivan Kwiatkowski WINJA CTF Hardwear CTF [WOKRSHOP] One SMALI Step For Man, One Giant Step For Researchers by Gabriel Cirlig
12:00 12:45 [PANEL] Secure Service Edge (SSE): Challenges and Upsides of Adoption ElectroVolt: Pwning Popular Desktop Apps While Uncovering New Attack Surface On Electron by Mohan Sri Rama Krishna Pedhapati & Maxwell Garrett

Hack the Source: Securing Open Source Software – One bug at a time

12:45 14:00 Lunch Break
14:00 14:45 [PANEL] Impact of disruptive technologies on CISO's career & progression Service workers VS corporate firewalls by Aleksandr Kolchanov [PANEL] Consumer Tech Bug Bounty Panel: Hear from the Program Managers WINJA CTF Hardwear CTF [WOKRSHOP] Peeling Back The Onion: Taking Security Onion Into Battle by Dr. James Stanger
14:45 15:30 [PANEL] Cloud Services for Financial Inclusion: Possibilities & Challenges Scale hacking to secure your cloud and beyond by Anand Prakash Handling a Bug Bounty program from a Blue team perspective by Ashwath K & Ankit Anurag
15:30 15:45 Coffee Break
15:45 16:30 [PANEL] PAM Maturity : From Zero Trust to Least Privilege Mind The Gap - The Linux Ecosystem Kernel Patch Gap by Jakob Lell & Regina Bíró Raining CVEs On WordPress Plugins With Semgrep by Shreya Pohekar & Syed Sheeraz Ali WINJA CTF Hardwear CTF
16:30 17:15 [PANEL] Unlocking Security Collaboration with Cyber Threat Intelligence Do PDF Tools Conform To The Specification? by Dr. Prashant Anantharaman Software-Defined Snort With Barnyard & Pulled Pork For NIDPS by Arun Samuel Baskaran
19:30 22:00 [Invite Only] Networking Dinner Party
10th September 2022
09:15 09:30
09:30 10:15 [KEYNOTE]
10:15 11:00 Elevating The TrustZone To Achieve A Powerful Android Kernel Exploit by Tamir Zahavi-Brunner
11:00 11:15 Coffee Break
11:15 12:00 A new secret stash for fileless malware by Denis Legezo c0ntextomy - Let's Debug Together by Nikias Bassen Web3.0 - Smart Contracts Could Be Leaky by Riddhi Shree Hacking Your Career In Cybersecurity with Indrajeet Bhuyan

Resume & Career Clinic
Hardwear CTF [WOKRSHOP] Deep Dive: Red Team Test Operations by Elena Feldman, Vsevolod Kalshikov, Vadim Pleshkov & Veronika Matveeva
12:00 12:45 [PANEL] Securing India the CERT-In Way Hacking 5G is no rocket science by Altaf Shaik & Matteo Strada 0-Day Up Your Sleeve - Attacking macOS Environments by Wojciech Reguła Automate Your Whatsapp Chats by Aditi Bhatnagar
12:45 14:00 Lunch Break
14:00 14:45 [PANEL] Does your SOC sucks Hacking Android Foreground Services Escalation Of Privileges by Rony Das The Different Faces Of macOS Malware: Detecting Anomalies In A Poisoned Apple by Amit Malik & Pratik Jeware [PANEL] Securing the software AMMO Talks [WOKRSHOP] Peeling Back The Onion: Taking Security Onion Into Battle by Dr. James Stanger
14:45 15:30 [PANEL] IoT Supply Chain Blues and the way forward Honey, I Just Put The Hospital On A Ventilator! - DICOM And Its Pitfalls by Shyam Sundar Ramaswami & Rakesh Mahanthi Jailbreaking iOS in the post-apocalyptic era by CoolStar & Tihmstar [WOKRSHOP] Ticketing 101: Making Sure Your Documentation Is As Good As Your Findings by Paula Pustulka
15:30 15:45 Coffee Break
15:45 16:30 Hacking Fintech Crime: Realities and Possibilities in India by Anand Venkatanaryanan & Mr Chander Mohan (IPS) Into the Dark - switching of renewable power from everywhere by Stephan Gerling Pushing Security Left By Mutating Byte Code by Gaurav Gogia [WOKRSHOP] Ticketing 101: Making Sure Your Documentation Is As Good As Your Findings by Paula Pustulka
16:30 17:15 Unearthing Malicious And Other “Risky” Open-Source Packages Using Packj by Ashish Bijlani & Devdutt Patnaik
17:15 17:30 Closing & Prize

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