• Nullcon Goa Sep 2022
  • Live Bug Hunting

Live Bug Hunting

Airtel’s Private Bug Bounty Program at Nullcon Goa 2022

Welcome to the Airtel’s Private Bug Bounty Program at Nullcon Goa 2022. The aim is to find vulnerabilities in Airtel’s critical infrastructure & report responsibly to Airtel. This helps secure build a secure digital ecosystem in India.

This live event will have 30 bug hunters, selected through this form.

Bounty Reward: Total INR 800 000 reward amount

The reward amount will be based on the severity of the bug report depending on criteria such as the type/severity of the vulnerability, potential vulnerability exploits, business impact & vulnerability report submission quality which will be verified by the Airtel team. Business logic bugs will also be rewarded. The bounty amount would be awarded to the researcher within 30 days

Live Hacking begins: 8-9 Sept 2022 (10:00am onwards on 8th Sept 2022)

Venue: Grand Hyatt, Goa

Reporting Process: Scope of Testing will be defined before the start of the Bug Hunting Program.

Fill up the Form below to get selected for the Event.

*Kindly Note: This event is only for the registered Conference Attendees from India. If you haven’t registered yet then grab your tickets here - https://archive.nullcon.net/website/goa-2022/register.php

Legal Terms: You will be required to fill an NDA, to not disclose any bug in public or via blog/article/presentation until the bug has been fixed by Airtel or taken prior approval from the Airtel team.

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