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Pramod Rana

Pramod Rana


Staff Security Engineer, Netskope

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vPrioritizer: Art of Risk Prioritization


In today's time, more vulnerabilities become known to the industry than any organization can triage, action and monitor. It’s safe to assume this count is going to increase furthermore. Along with that aggressive demand for software release to end-users makes it more challenging to keep vulnerability management programs efficient and effective. Due to this, the modern software development process is focusing on reducing the risk rather than eliminating it and vulnerability management is equal to risk prioritization – fix first what matters most.

To overcome these challenges, vPrioritizer is designed with primary objectives as below:

  • Centralized - must serve as a single pane of glass for vulnerability management, supporting integration with the entire vulnerability management ecosystem
  • Automated - any and every task which can be automated, must be automated
  • Community Analytics - utilization of community analytics to mature the prioritization algorithm over a period of time


Pramod Rana is working as Staff Security Engineer with Netskope. He loves to understand new security practices and how to practically implement them. A security professional by job, a coder by hobby, a runner by passion. He has presented at BlackHat, Defcon & nullcon before.

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