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  • Amit Malik & Pratik Jeware

Amit Malik & Pratik Jeware

Amit Malik & Pratik Jeware


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The Different Faces Of macOS Malware: Detecting Anomalies In A Poisoned Apple


Ever since its inception, the Apple ecosystem has witnessed a remarkable three-decade journey proving its pedigree. During this period, the security industry has also witnessed a growing plethora of malware targeting different versions of macOS operating systems.

This session will take a shift-left approach to identifying a needle in the haystack: How to think like a threat actor attacking macOS endpoints. Using the data ingested in our threat intelligence systems and two years of extensive research, we shed light on the built-in macOS utilities that are used or have the potential of being used by threat actors in their attack kill chain. With the increase in work-from-home policies, the attendees will learn how to identify suspicious activity on the increasingly popular macOS platform.


Amit is Director of Threat Research at Uptycs. He has a specialization in threat detection, threat intelligence, and security architecture. Prior to Uptycs, he worked with leading cyber security companies like Mcafee, Fireeye, and Netskope. He holds multiple patents in the area of threat detection and analysis. He actively contributes to security communities through blogs, trainings, and tools.

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Pratik is Security Researcher at Uptycs. He is experienced with macOS threat hunting and malware analysis. He uses red teaming skills to identify gaps in detection.

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