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Indrajeet Bhuyan

Indrajeet Bhuyan

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Hacking Your Career In Cybersecurity with Indrajeet Bhuyan


In India security is still not given much importance and students are mostly clueless as to what to do to get into these fields. Most colleges / online resources are for SDE only. Every computer science student knows what is the roadmap to becoming a SDE but not many know how to get into security.

In this presentation, Indrajeet will share different practical techniques to make an online presence, make a profile that stands out from the crowd, and show a proper roadmap on how to get a dream job in cybersecurity.

  • Start Early - Things to focus on when in college
  • How to build a solid profile
  • How to get visible to companies
  • How to build an online presence and how it helps
  • How LinkedIn Jobs Work
  • What roadmap to follow


Indrajeet Bhuyan is a security researcher from India currently working at Numen Cyber technology, Singapore. He previously made the smallest possible code of 2kb which could crash WhatsApp and affect 500 million people and also reported security holes in the WhatsApp web client that in some way expose its users’ privacy.

He has contributed security to various companies and organizations like HTC, Samsung, Photobucket, Reverbnation, TVF, etc. He got featured in various national and international news portals like International Business Times, Russia today, Times of India, Digit, Kaspersky, The Independent, India Today, etc. for his work.

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