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Dr.-Ing. Mario Heiderich

Dr.-Ing. Mario Heiderich


Founder, Cure53

Talk Title:

Do we get stuff done? We don’t get stuff done? Or do we? Or will we, maybe? Soon?


In information security, especially in web security, we have been sitting on the same problems for the past 20 years. Imagine that would happen in medicine, or other relevant fields, horrible, no? This keynote looks at our history, attempts to isolate the mistakes we made and shed light on the possible path forward. We'll fly through time from the nineteenth century to today and beyond, with the mission to renovate our mindsets so we don't run into the same bugs as we did for the past decades.


Great looks, athletic posture, melodic voice, latest-trend fashion, and a tiny bit of knowledge about web security and penetration testing.

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