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Anand Prakash

Anand Prakash

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Scale hacking to secure your cloud and beyond


Anand Prakash, Forbes 30 under 30, Asia, has almost 10+ years of working in the cybersecurity domain and is a top-ranked bug bounty hunter for firms like Uber, Twitter, LinkedIn, Meta and Salesforce. Hailing from a small town in Rajasthan, with humble roots, a $500 FB bounty motivated Anand to explore the world of ethical hacking. His continued hard work, dedication and strong roots has made him one of the world’s leading expert on the subject, having impact on millions of lives. After securing over 400 leading companies like Amazon, IMDB, Digitalocean, Coinbase, Flipkart, and PhonePe, he realized gaps in the existing cloud security approaches, which led to the creation of Pingsafe.

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