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Arun Samuel Baskaran

Arun Samuel Baskaran


Solution Advisor, Deloitte USI

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Software-Defined Snort With Barnyard & Pulled Pork For NIDPS


Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is an emerging technology that could be used to build our own security products for building the defensive perimeter around the infrastructure. The most effective way to use SDN is on defending against DDoS Attacks in today's market. This is one of such products, we would be looking at.

Furthermore, SDN will also help us to program the network traffic—how one would like the packets to travel across the network? Snort and its dependencies are strong backbones for this mechanism, and we will be looking at how an offensive attacker would try to bypass typical WAFs based on the vendors and how we can mitigate the same regardless of the vendor or the OEM.


Arun Samuel Baskaran is 6 years experienced Security Professional working on Penetration Testing, Source Code Reviews, and Product Security Management. Partly he is working with the University of Maryland as an External Security Researcher. Currently researching on IAST security automation - A Complete Opensource tool (Soon to be published).

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