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Raunak Parmar

Raunak Parmar


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Vajra - Your Weapon To Cloud


Vajra (Your Weapon to Cloud) is a framework capable to validate the cloud security posture of the target environment.

In Indian mythology, the word Vajra refers to the Weapon of God Indra (God of Thunder and Storms). Because it is cloud-connected, it is an ideal name for the tool. Vajra now supports Azure and AWS Cloud environments, with plans to add Google Cloud Platform(GCP) compatibility in the future. It features an intuitive web-based user interface built with the Python Flask module for a better user experience.


Raunak Parmar is an information security professional whose areas of interest include web penetration testing, Azure/AWS security, source code review, scripting, and development.

He has 2+ years of experience in information security. Raunak likes to research new attack methodologies and create open-source tools that can be used during the Cloud Security assessments. He has worked extensively on Azure and AWS. He is the author of Vajra and 365-Stealer an offensive cloud security tool. He has spoken at multiple conferences and local meetups.

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